with Hannah Turnbull, RDN + Morgan Sinclair, MS, RDN, LD

Weight Inclusive Innovators Podcast

Wish you would have taken a few more business classes during undergrad? Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered! 🙋‍♀️ we are hosting our first ever workshop specifically for weight inclusive business owners. This is a two-day event where you can dedicate time to learning strategies, implementing systems, and working ON your business (instead of IN your business).

Thursday, September 29 + Friday, September 30, 2022

A business workshop
for weight inclusive business owners.

Do your business tasks keep getting pushed back week-over-week on your to-do list?


This isn't your average conference where you sit and learn. This is a WORKSHOP. We're here to #werkwerkwerkwerkwerkwerk.

During these two days, we'll cover the importance of laying a business foundation that'll set you up for success, business strategies to keep you on the path to success, business finances, marketing, customer experience journey, systems so you can work smarter (and not harder), and - you guessed it - the enneagram and how to use it as a business tool!


Dedicated Work Time


the two day schedule

September 29, 2022

10:00am to 10:15am CST

Welcome Session

Let's get things started the right way with a hype speech from Hannah and Morgan. We'll introduce ourselves (in case we haven't met!) and you'll meet other entrepreneurs in the weight inclusive space through a very fun icebreaker (because what's a workshop planned by enneagram 7s without a game?).

10:15am to 11:30am CST

Business Foundations (45m)

In this presentation, we'll cover discovering and writing your mission statement, understanding how your personal vision and values align with your business, and the importance of reflection during your entrepreneur journey to support growth.

Foundations Workshop (30m)

In this workshop, Hannah and Morgan will guide you through a entrepreneurial reflection of 2022. You have to acknowledge where you've been to know where you're going.

11:30am to 11:45am CST

Brain Break

11:45am to 1:00pm CST

Business Strategy (45m)

If you've been flying by the seat of your pants in your business, this presentation is for you. We're covering how to set tangible, realistic goals in your business, forward thinking with forecasting and projections, and writing a strategic plan.

Strategy Workshop (30m)

Let's set some 2023 goals together! Hannah and Morgan will guide you through setting goals for 2023 and help you break those into quarterly and monthly goals to take away the overwhelm of your big lofty business goals.

1:00pm to 1:30pm CST

Lunch Break

1:30pm to 2:45pm CST

Business Finances (45m)

How's your relationship with money? We are getting in the weeds of finances with topics including money mindset, how to make money, pricing your services, cash flow, and money management. It's time to remove the stigma around making money in the mental health space.

Finances Workshop (30m)

Everyone needs a money management system that will work best for them. Roughly using the Profit First method, Hannah and Morgan will teach you how to look at and track your business finances. It's like exposure therapy to stop avoiding your finances ;)

2:45pm to 3:15pm

Wrap Up - Empowerment

We made it to the end of day one! Hannah and Morgan will close out the day with an empowering conversation around imposter syndrome, comparison trap, mindset shifts they've had to make (and you may too!), and challenging the stories we write in our heads as entrepreneurs.

September 30, 2022

10:00am to 10:15am CST

Welcome Session

Now that we've fine-tuned the foundation of your business in day one, day two consists of a hodgepodge of tools and systems for efficiency and growth as an entrepreneur. And you bet that we'll be starting day two with another game!

10:15am to 11:30am CST

Marketing (45m)

In this presentation, Morgan will cover how to understand and utilize your customer's experience and journey to design a marketing plan that is right for you and your business, including platforms, touchpoints, and types of connection.

Email Marketing Workshop (30m)

In this workshop, Morgan will guide you through the basics of email marketing and how automating a system will allow you to work smarter and not harder. Together we will write your first automated email series to reach and nurture your audience.

11:30am to 11:45am CST

Brain Break

11:45am to 1:00pm CST

Business Systems (45m)

Nothing is more frustrating than doing the same thing over and over when you can create a system and workflow. Hannah will cover types of systems to consider, tools to utilize for project management, and when it's time to bring on support.

Systems Workshop (30m)

In this workshop, get ready to build a system for tasks that you've been doing on repeat. Hannah will help you identify what system to start with in your business and walk you through creating a flowchart to implement the system.

1:00pm to 1:30pm CST

Lunch Break

1:30pm to 2:45pm CST

The Enneagram (45m)

As if we'd host a business workshop and NOT talk about the enneagram. In this presentation, we'll be doing an enneagram 101 discussing the different types and how to use them in your role of entrepreneur.

Enneagram Workshop (30m)

It's time to take the test! We'll take 10 minutes to take the enneagram test and facilitate a discussion and Q&A around your type and how it shows up in your business and entrepreneurship.

2:45pm to 3:15pm

Wrap Up - In The Hot Seat

Two days are done and you've moved the needle in your business by working ON your business. As we wrap up the workshop, Hannah and Morgan are sitting in the hot seat to answer your pressing questions that we haven't discussed yet!

snag your ticket now!

Registered Dietitian (CEU Eligible): $350
Other Clinician (Non-CEU Eligible): $275
Student or Intern: $175
Equity Pricing: $50

Registered Dietitian (CEU Eligible): $350

Other Clinician (Non-CEU Eligible): $275

Student or Intern: $175

Equity Pricing: $50

We have equity pricing available for folks with underrepresented identities. We believe in all folks having access to business education + tools tailored to our field of weight inclusive care. Email us at hello@weightinclusiveinnovators.com for a code to use for equity-based pricing (no questions asked!).

frequently asked questions:

Have a question? Email us at hello@weightinclusiveinnovators.com!

Hannah Turnbull

Morgan Sinclair

Hannah Turnbull, RDN is a registered dietitian and the founder and director of NourishED Colorado, a group practice of registered dietitians specializing in the treatment of eating disorders and disordered eating through a weight inclusive and social justice lens. Her mission is to empower people to unlearn diet culture and fatphobia by practicing self-care, intuitive eating and self-compassion.

Hannah is also a group practice business coach and insurance consultant at Values Driven Group, her consulting firm for weight inclusive professionals who want to build a thriving group practice in alignment with their values which includes providing access to care through insurance. She currently pursuing her Masters in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) at the University of Colorado- Boulder. Hannah is a sought-out speaker for talks and presentations on eating disorders, intuitive eating, business, entrepreneurship and leadership.

When not running her many businesses and ventures, you can find Hannah in the Colorado Mountains hanging off a giant rock, hiking a mountain with her adventure dog Bennett, or on a patio with a fun drink and delicious tacos. 

Morgan Sinclair, MS, RDN, LD is the founder of Morgan Sinclair Designs, a design and marketing studio for weight inclusive businesses. She’s a non-diet dietitian by trade, but after receiving her Master’s of Science in Business from Texas A&M University, she pivoted her career to work with eating disorder clinicians, guiding them to develop a solid business foundation, create functional brands and websites, and map out strategic marketing plans to best support growth in their business.

Morgan is currently developing the Weight Inclusive Business Academy, an online education platform that will allow entrepreneurs to build their business on their lunch break with bite-sized videos and action items that will result in being one step closer to being their own boss and running their dream business.

Morgan is an Enneagram Type 7, feel-your-feelings, dessert-before-dinner kinda gal and when she’s not working, she can most likely be found at a coffee shop in Houston or on her way to the airport for a weekend getaway.

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Morgan Sinclair + Hannah Turnbull are the co-hosts of Weight Inclusive Innovators, a podcast for business owners who are on a mission to make weight inclusive care more mainstream.

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