with Hannah Turnbull, RDN + Morgan Sinclair, MS, RDN, LD

Weight Inclusive Innovators Podcast

A podcast for weight inclusive business owners.

Have you ever noticed the gap in business support and knowledge that is specifically tailored to mental health clinicians? SO HAVE WE! 

That’s why we started Weight Inclusive Innovators, a business podcast for weight inclusive clinicians. We are bringing our expertise, brains, and hype girl personalities together to educate and support clinicians in their businesses through conversations, stories, and lived experiences.

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tailored to weight inclusive businesses.


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What Listeners Are Saying

As a weight inclusive private practice owner, finding this podcast changed the way I practice! Hannah and Morgan show up to every episode as REAL people. It helps me so much to hear how they turn their struggles into learning opportunities to be better weight inclusive business owners. They are so helpful with planting seeds of wisdoms to help me grow my business. I am so thankful that I found this podcast!

- Jasmine -

As a private practice owner, wife, mentor, sister, auntie, and HUMAN I struggle to do alll the things alll the time. Entrepreneurship can be tough, ESPECIALLY when it seems like everyone and their mother is stuck in diet culture. Hannah and Morgan provide golden nuggets of wisdom and feels like secret personal development as they make you laugh at the same time! After listening to an episode, my fire is re-lit to continue doing this challenging yet gratifying and important weight-inclusive work.

- Katie -

This podcast is so so good for any weight inclusive business owner (no matter where you are on your journey). Having personally known and be friends with Morgan, she knows her stuff. I love how authentic and REAL both Hannah and Morgan are on the podcast. It's a struggle being a clinician where I have NO background in business/marketing. They provide simple to-dos, tips, and digestible strategies that made it less overwhelming for me to get started and make my business my own.

- Ametis -